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Become a Pioneer of the National Education Policy 2020

Definitive shifts in school education to a more play and discovery-based style of learning with an emphasis on the scientific method and critical thinking. This includes career counselling in schools towards identifying student interests and talents, promoting research in universities, the multidisciplinary nature of all HEIs and the emphasis on holistic education

National Education Policy 2020


Career life choices can be tough! As young students traverse through their educational and professional journey, they must make important and life-defining decisions whether it is to choose streams and subjects in high-school, courses and colleges after school and picking the right job role and industries thereafter. These decisions need to be well examined which sometimes can be stressful.

Do not worry we got you covered, Not only does our team of experts guide the students at each step of their journey we also onboard your valued alumni to participate in boosting the student’s career path by showing what’s possible and how dreams can be achieved. We create a safe and fun environment for students to grow, learn and achieve based on each individual student's personality and interests.



Tanuj Behl

An alumnus of Wynberg-Allen School, University of Delhi and NMIMS. Tanuj has specialised his skills in solving problems in the K-12 segment of the education industry. Tanuj founded My Alma Mater with a vision to help students with career progression whilst engaging their alumni in overall career development.

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